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TonTon Messenger


There are no limits! Send FREE messages as much as you want! TonTon is a simple way to communicate with friends on your Android. Send text messages, pictures or videos to your friend, and they will self-destruct when they are read. Since you know messages disappear soon, you can cherish the moment of chat even more.Heres why youll love TonTon:
FAST AND SAFE TO REGISTERYou only need to register your name. No need to register your phone number or other private information.
DISAPPEARING MESSAGESSend text messages, pictures, and videos, and they will self-destruct once they are read.
KNOCK-KNOCK!Double-tap on the screen, and your “Knock-knock” will be sent to your friend. You can let your friend know you are ready to chat. (*The name “TonTon” came from the Japanese sound produced when you knock on the door.)
*TonTon supports Android OS 3.0 and higher.
*As with any other apps, data transfer fees may be incurred. We therefore recommend using these services on an unlimited mobile price plan.
*If you have questions, problems, or feedback, dont hesitate to reach out to us at